Review of Towering Doom (Season 4 / Episode 9)

Review of Next Global CrisisTowering Doom (Season 4 / Episode 9) – 14.5 mins

Myanna and her brothers are about to complete a victory that will not only crush their light-sider enemies, but doom the rest of humanity as well. Now with total control over the dark staff once held by Harbinger, Myanna needs only to seal one final portal. Surrounded by her new ‘dog’ and a heroine guard of The Deceptress and Starshot, both under her spell, it seems the end is nigh. Our brave heroines have but minutes to turn the tide. Pursuing Myanna and her enthralled cadre are Red Glory and Wonderstrike, still weakened from before. Then Infinity Girl suddenly makes a reappearance with the mighty Spectrum in tow as well. Myanna dispatches Deceptress and Starshot as well as her two brothers to crush the saboteurs. Nothing will stop her triumph today.

Been a while since I covered an NGC video, although I am still following their excellent story driven films. I figured I’d take the time to show off some somewhat recent NGC and I chose this particular video because it comes at a pretty high point in the storyline, but doesn’t have any spoilers and has a lot of combat. There’s also a lot of superpowers on display, all the combat is definitely to thank for that, so all the heroines get to show off their powers. With one of the villains using her mind control powers, we even get the good girls fighting the good girls and the combat it exactly as you would expect from NGC, fast paced and well-choreographed. As far as the storyline goes, there is a lot going on at this point, since it’s near the end of the storyline. Of course the overall story is great, super detailed and well explained over multiple episodes. Definitely one of the things that makes NGC so special. But I chose this episode to review, because is great if you’re just looking for a lot of superheroine combat and even better if you know the storyline. Great NGC content.

Overall Score: 9.5/10