Review of Tough Tummies VIII

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTough Tummies VIII – 11 mins

Our “Tough Tummies” series returns with Madison taking on Amber in a three set belly punching contest. The beauties, dressed in sports bras and bikini bottoms, trade 5 punches each in three different positions – kneeling, lying on the carpet, and standing against the wall. The winner of each round gets to knock out the loser with any variation of the sleeper hold that she decides to use. You’ll love the hard punches, the red bellies, and the three knockouts! One beauty takes the final victory and poses defiant on the unconscious loser! Don’t miss the eighth installment of this popular belly punching contest.

So it wouldn’t be news to say that I am not the biggest fan of belly punch contests, but you mix in a KO punishment stipulation and suddenly you have my attention. Although not a really a fan of belly punch contests, I am a huge fan of toned abs and there’s no denying Amber and Madison both have great abs and I love the sports bra, bikini bottoms combo. I do like how they both start off brushing off the first few punches, but after a few turns one of them is almost curled up in a ball and submitting to the other. This of course brings on the highlight of the video for me, as the loser of the round is KO’d and then victory posed over. I think both Madison and Amber sold the KOs well, with a good choice of moves and the belly punches are solid, plenty of real contact there. With the added KO punishment, this is something I can enjoy and I hope the belly punching purist, don’t mind the added KOs, as I feel it makes the series consumable by a wider audience, meaning people like me. Now to just make is one sided and you’d really have me going.

Overall Score: 8.5/10