Review of Tough Girls Wear Pink

Review of Defeated Tough Girls Wear Pink – 17 mins

Valerie and Dee are set to have a match, but once Valerie notices Dee’s pink bikini, she begins to make fun of her, calling her a baby and saying that she’s weak because she’s wearing pink. When the fight begins, Valerie is able to take control after a knee to the belly floors Dee. Valerie presses her advantage trapping Dee in several submission holds, a crossface, a camel clutch, a sleeperhold, a figure four headscissors with a HOM smother, a side headscissors and an arm bar. Dee never gives up and proves her toughness by battling back. Dee manages to take control and now it’s Valerie’s turn to suffer. Dee use a camel clutch, a cross face, a sleeper hold, an arm bar, then she takes off Valerie’s bra for some brutal nipple torture, then continues to bring the pain using a figure four headscissors with a HOM smother, a foot across the throat choke, a side headscissors with a HOM smother and a final sleeper hold that has Valerie drooling and her eyes rolling as she is forced into dreamland. Dee does a leg hook pin for a ten count, then poses proudly over the sleeping, topless, defeated and humiliated opponent, who mistakenly thought that wearing pink was a sign of weakness.

Another Defeated review for you guys and this time a cocky Valerie gets put down. I really enjoyed the watching Valerie get defeated in this one after she assumed that just because Dee wore a pink bikini she was going to be easy to beat. I can’t really blame Valerie for such an assumption, I know every chance I get I’ll choose to have my jobbers wear pink. Pink is a great jobber color, but not this time. Valerie does get a few minutes in control, but then spends the rest of the video getting dominated. Valerie again sells her defeat wonderfully as she continues to be a great jobber. This is also one of the few times I can remember getting to see Valerie topless. There’s a little bit of drooling for the KO at the end, a sexy leg hook pin and of course a victory pose. This isn’t one of those ground breaking, trying something new Defeated videos, but just one of those cocky girl gets crushed videos and that’s always nice to see.

Overall score: 9/10