Review of Total Humiliation Wrestling Match

Review of DefeatedTotal Humiliation Wrestling Match – 21 Mins

stellaThis is a One Sided “I’m going to make you submit and ask to be punished match”. Elizabeth immediately takes control and hurts Stella with scissors, arm choking and smothering. Elizabeth lets Stella go several times, to give her another fair chance, just to dominate her again. She make fun of Stella. Stella whimpers as she gets hurt by Elizabeth’s domination. Elizabeth then chokes Stella, this time for real, and tells her she has to submit and do exactly what Elizabeth tells her or she will choke her until her destruction. Stella has no choice but to agree and Elizabeth starts to be even more dominant, forcing Stella to beg her to pinch her nipples until she cries, telling Stella to put her head between her thighs and ask Elizabeth to scissor her as hard she can, forcing Stella to say that Elizabeth is better than her. Throughout the domination Stella is just whimpering and crying and that’s how she’s left after Elizabeth is done with her too.

More Defeated action for you guys, another one with my favorite at defeated again playing the helpless jobber. As well as Elizabeth, who hasn’t lost in a match yet, playing the cruel and evil heel. Stella never had a chance in this one, even though she was given several chances to get the upper hand, each time she is again easily dominated by Elizabeth. It doesn’t take long for Stella to regret her decision to try and fight Elizabeth, but at that point it’s too late. Elizabeth does as she pleases with Stella, choking and squeezing her to near KO a few different times, which does give us some nice eyerolling, but she never fully knocking her out. I love Stella’s fruitless struggling, love her pleas for mercy, I also really like that Elizabeth’s English is so good, this way all her insulting remarks and demands are really easy for me to understand. The only thing I don’t love about this is there are no KOs in this one, and with me being such a KO junkie, I would always like at lease one. But it is a brutal beatdown, totally one sided and another great performance from Stella. I am still hoping to see Elizabeth playing the jobber role for once, but I’m never disappointed with Stella doing it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10