Review of Total Beatdown

Review of DefeatedTotal Beatdown – 13.5 Mins

DefeatedThis match is probably the cruelest of Defeated. Stella gets totally destroyed by Janelle, with face kicking, face punching, cunt busting. She can’t get up anymore, the only thing she can do is obey Janelle. Janelle humiliates her, forcing her to lick her feet, before putting her out with foot smother.

Feels like just yesterday I was talking about how amazing it is to see Stella getting destroyed over at Defeated. Well, another one, total devastation, total one sided beatdown, I am madly in love with seeing this beautiful woman defeated. This time Janelle is dishing out the punishment and also always when we have Janelle in the video we get some free extra wardrobe malfunctions, as her tops can do nothing to contain her breasts. Janelle must have been in a bit of a bad mood for this one, because she was bringing the heat, lots of kicks, a few punches has Stella in a heap in no time, then it’s topped off with some humiliating foot licking and a foot smother for the KO. Stella, as always, sells excellently, really being completely helpless, great eyes and a little twitching as she fought in vain to stay conscious, definitely a good show. Another one for the Stella squash collection, another one for the favorites list, I’m loving it over at Defeated right now, can’t get enough Stella.

Overall Score: 9.5/10