Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTOREY PAYNE vs JESSIE BELLE – 22 Mins

ToreyThe beautiful Torey Payne makes her SKW debut against pro superstar Jessie Belle!   After a lock up and some chain wrestling, however, Torey is overrun by Jessie’s brutal attacks!  A sudden DDT lays Torey out, and Jessie uses the rest of the running time to make an example out of the stunned Torey.  It’s a completely one-sided squash from start to finish, and one hell of a jobber performance from the stunning Miss Payne, who refuses to submit and kicks out of every pin till the final devastating finisher!!

A very nice debut from Torey Payne in this awesome squash match. I really like this style of squash, where the jobber is completely out matched and hopeless, but still kicks out of the pin attempts and refuses to submit. Torey is new to SKW and new to me, but I got to say Torey really did an outstanding job selling this. It took only seconds before Torey made it very clear that this isn’t her first rodeo, she truly knows what she’s doing and looked fantastic doing it. We get great twitching, drooling and eyerolling from Torey’s great selling and it’s all accompanied by Jessie Belle’s great trash talk and prefect reactions to Torey kicking out of pin after pin. I always love Jessie Belle, win or lose, that girl is nonstop entertainment. Anyway, this is a great squash and a great debut for Torey and you shouldn’t miss it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10