Review of Topless Queen Elizabeth Cheated and Humiliated

Review of DefeatedTopless Queen Elizabeth Cheated and Humiliated – 19.5 mins

Elizabeth is proclaiming that she can’t be defeated in a fight. Maybe she’s right. Valerie challenges her and Elizabeth Sneak attacks Valerie and squeezes her to semi-KO in between of her legs. Elizabeth doesn’t calculate then what Valerie would do. She talks, not paying attention to her and gets caught by surprise, hit with an iron stick which put her on the ground in complete pain. Valerie strips her topless and choke her with her Bra, then she takes her chance to destroy Elizabeth’s body while she can’t react with heavy scissors, crippler crossface, camel clutch and boston crab, and for Elizabeth it’s too late. Valerie pushes her to lick her feet. Elizabeth is completely humiliated, and she can’t do anything else then lick Valerie’s feet. Valerie has not finished yet. She put a collar on Elizabeth, and forces her to crawl off the mats.

Back with more Defeated action and it’s long overdue, but we are blessed with another brutal and humiliating Elizabeth defeat. This is a pretty good one too, as it starts out with Elizabeth talking about how she’s never lost before and the vids that she was losing where just customs and don’t count. Which is pretty funny and true in a way. She then sneak attacks Valerie while she’s doing her promo and dominates Valerie with a sleeper and headscissors that does end with a KO, but is held on for just about 4 minutes, which is just too long for one hold to be held on. I liked the struggling and of course the KO, but still just too long in one hold. Once Valerie is out, Elizabeth goes back to bragging to the camera and doesn’t notice Valerie waking up and grabbing a very handy pipe near the mats. Valerie cold clocks Elizabeth in the back of the neck dazing her badly, giving Valerie complete and dominating control of Elizabeth. She immediately takes Elizabeth’s bra off and uses it as a weapon. From here on out it all Valerie as she puts Elizabeth through some brutal torture and humiliating forced foot licking. She doesn’t KO Elizabeth at all, but it’s still wonderful to see Elizabeth in such dire straits. It’s topped off just really well, as a weeping and defeated Elizabeth gets a dog collar attached to her neck and is forced to crawl away. Elizabeth is such an amazing jobber, it’s always so great to see her defeated. I love the foreign object attack and the dog collar humiliation. These are things I hope we get to see much more of in the future Defeated videos.

Overall Score: 9/10