Review of Tommie Destroys LeAnn

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTommie Destroys LeAnn – 26 Mins

tommieWe thought that LeAnn would have learned a lesson. The rookies and smaller girls here at FWR are tougher than they look! But our California hottie still thinks she can win a match if it’s against a smaller and more inexperienced girl. Enter Tommie. LeAnn is confident that this will be the girl she’ll defeat, but things immediately go wrong! Tommie attacks with a snap mare followed by a painful camel clutch that forces LeAnn to submit. At the beginning of each round the loser is required to announce the current score, something that LeAnn gets increasingly humiliated by announcing! Tommie goes on to destroy LeAnn with a boston crab, a double toed leg lock/surfboard hold, a hammerlock, a crippler cross face, a KO figure four head scissor, and a long and humiliating school girl pin.

Always good to see the beautiful LeAnn at FWR and even better when we get to see her completely dominated and humiliated, like this. This one is all about the much smaller Tommie continuously get the upper hand on LeAnn, no matter what LeAnn tries to do, and forcing her to submit. It’s really fun to watch as LeAnn tries as hard as she can to get anything over on Tommie, even trying a sneak attacks and even getting Tommie to let her start a round with a headscissors already applied, Tommie still defeats LeAnn each and every time. Even though this one is all about submissions, we actually get a few KOs mixed in as well, which makes a video like this just so much better, in my opinion. I also have to mention just how good Tommie looks too in her sexy little outfit, definitely worth taking a moment to mention it. I become a bigger and bigger fan of LeAnn every time she goes through a crushing defeat like this. I hope for many more like this as time goes on.

Overall Score: 9/10