Review of TLBC-FB20-Susu VS Mou

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB20-Susu VS Mou

As per usual, The Legendary Boxing Club doesn’t post written descriptions, so as always I’ll do a quick rundown for you guys before getting into the review. This match is between Susu in the red and pink vs Mou in the black and blue. There’s nothing too fancy about it one, the match is somewhat even throughout the battle although Susu is the one who ends up on the mats most of the time. It’s almost feels a little one sided, but Susu does put up a decent fight, just isn’t tough enough to put Mou down too often. Expectedly Susu eventually goes down for good, making Mou your winner.

I got another vid from The Legendary Boxing Club, this one is back to their normal routine, although a bit more one sided than usual. Of course we get all the big haymaker punches and slow mo spit takes that I just love about this production. Both ladies sell it well, as always too. I also like that this one I was a little more one sided usual. I noticed pretty early on that Susu kept getting knocked down and was taking more punishment than she was handing out. She still got a few good shots in and a few knockdowns on Mou, but it was pretty clear that she wasn’t doing too well. Other than that this one was pretty normal, which isn’t a bad thing in anyway, I loved the vid I reviewed the other day, TLBC-FB19, but I also like this one with a less drastic change to their normal thing.

Overall Score: 9/10