Review of TLBC-FB19-Juan VS Bing

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB19-Juan VS Bing – 26 mins

As per usual, The Legendary Boxing Club doesn’t post written descriptions, so as always I’ll do a quick rundown for you guys before getting into the review. This is a best 2 of 3 falls boxing match between Juan, the tiny one in black top and black boots, versus Bing, the obviously taller girl in the white top and white boots. Juan comes out like a house on fire, almost completely dominating Bing for the first fall. Bing does get a few shots in, but in the end gets KO’d. Round 2 and Juan tries to continue her domination, but Bing starts becoming less and less effected by Juan punches and soon starts returning fire. Juan can’t handle the power coming from Bing and try as she may to fight back gets KO’d. Round there and Juan is big trouble, she’s exhausted from the beating she took in round 2 and doesn’t have much fight left. Bing has no trouble domination Juan in this round. Juan is able to weather storm for a little while but soon enough is left out cold on the mats.

My prayers have been heard and answered by TLBC, ever since I found this guys, or were told about them, I have been saying that it would be nice to see their ladies do battle in something other than boxing trunks and bare feet and a few times I said it would also be nice to see the fem vs fem matches not always be so evenly matched, because no matter the side of the competitors, it always seemed to come down to the final minutes before you could tell who was going to win. Well this time ladies and gentleman, not only are the ladies wearing sexy jean shorts, but they also are both wearing Converse boots and long socks. And as I described above, most of this match was one sided. I mean it wasn’t too long into the second round that Juan started looking like she wasn’t going to make a comeback near the end, like she’s done before. Of course we still get the traditional TLBC style with lots of big haymaker punches with spit flying everywhere, plenty of knockdowns too and of course both ladies sell it well. This is almost like I ordered a custom, from the boots, to the one sided action and all the KOs were total KOs, meaning flat out, spread eagle on their backs and not moving a muscle, completely out cold. Also, Juan lost, you guys know I love the tiny jobbers the most and at 5’1 maybe 100 LBS Juan has been one of my favorites from TLBC and I couldn’t be happier to see her laid out not once but twice, especially in this outfit, with the Converse boots. This is definitely one of my favorite videos from these guys so far, please go check this one out.

Overall Score: 9.9/10