Review of TLBC-FB10

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB10 (Susu VS Xin – The KO scenes collection) – 23 mins

This video is not a match, but a KO scenes collection. It contains a variety of KO scenes between Susu and Xin.

This is a match style that I hoped we would see for The Legendry Boxing Club, it just makes great sense. This one doesn’t really need a healthy description, because it really is just back and forth KOs scenes between Susu and Xin. They take a minute or two to soften each other up and then they land a big KO punch. I love it, this give me my favorite part of the videos and repeats it. We get all the great reactions and spit takes like we would get in the full vids, but of course each of these scenes end with a KO. There’s also a mixed, one sided version of this kind of vids, but is only about 5 mins. I can review if you guys would like to see that, but simply put, it’s great too, so just grab it. I also got a few more great TLBC vids that I think you guys will love, but I had to bring this one to you guys first as this was my favorite of recent releases.

Overall Score: 9.5/10