Review of TLBC-FB08-Juan VS Yanzi

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB08-Juan VS Yanzi – 20.5 mins

The Legendary Boxing Club doesn’t post written descriptions, so as always I’ll do a quick rundown for you guys before getting into the video. So this one is Juan, which is the short one in the pink trunks, vs Yanzi, who is the slightly taller one in blue trunks. It’s a pretty even fight throughout most of the video, with both girls giving and receiving big haymaker punches and finding themselves on the canvas plenty of times. For the last several minutes Juan begins to dominate and soon delivers the final KO blow, putting Yanzi down and out for the count.

 The one thing I would ask of TLBC is they need to help identify the girls. I’m not familiar with their girls just yet, so I have to look at several vids to help me figure out with girl is which. Nonetheless I am still absolutely loving their boxing style, lots of hard hits, plenty of drooling, spit takes, and knockdowns. Even when they use some one as tiny as Juan, they make her look powerful as she has no problem knocking down and eventually knocking out Yanzi. These matches feel action packed and they are well performed by both girls. The few things I would like to see change every now and then is, let’s not have the girl in sports bras and boxing trunks for every vid, as much as I like the look, it would be nice to see something different every now and again. And it would be nice to see a one sided fem vs fem match. I know the mixed matches are usually very one sided, but I wouldn’t be against a mismatched fem vs fem match. Nonetheless, I really enjoy these matches, love the hard hitting action and the drooling. These guys are really on to something good with their fight style and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching them grow and get better. I’ll definitely be bringing you guy more from TLBC soon.

Overall Score: 9/10