Review of TLBC-FB03-Susu VS Xixi

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB03-Susu VS Xixi – 32.5 mins

These guys don’t write video descriptions, so just to sum things up real quick, this is a pretty even boxing battle between the smaller Susu, in the blue shorts and the taller Xixi, in the purple shorts. Lots of heavy hits, lots of fly spit and of course one of them gets knocked out, after a few rounds of hard boxing.

Last time I covered a video from The Legendary Boxing Club, I didn’t like that the first half of the match was really slow and just defensive boxing, but I really loved the second half as the hard hits started raining down on the eventual loser of that match and I really just wanted more of the hard hitting stuff. Well this match does just that and it takes only seconds after the match starts, which comes after a short intro where we are introduced to Susu, but oddly not Xixi. Anyway, once the bell rings, the ladies touch gloves and the hard punches start flying. The match overall is pretty even, they both have moments of domination, they both suffer for punches hard enough to make spit, or their mouth pieces or both to fly from their mouths. The first knockdown comes at the end of round one, then from there they both wind up on the mats multiple times. Finally Susu can hang in the fight no longer and Xixi starts to dominate until the final KO. I really like the selling for both girls. It’s a little over the top, with all the heavy punches and with the spitting/drooling stuff, but other than that it’s just great boxing reactions. They like to do some slow motion impact shots, that I really like, especially the ones to the face, as they’re normally followed with a big spit take and knockdown. This is the kind of action I hoped to see from TLBC. They have a good style that makes these matches very fun to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10