Review of TLBC-BR13-Xue VS M

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-BR13-Xue VS M – 28.5 mins

As per usual with TLBC, they don’t have a written description of the match. So, I’ll quick sum it up here for you guys before moving on to the review. This is a 3 round mixed kick boxing match with little, tiny Xue. The first round is somewhat even. Xue does her best not to get caught in a corner and pummeled, as well as returning a few punches in the process. She gets knocked down a few times, but hangs one well until near the end or the round her male opponent would apply a chokehold on the last too knockdowns. No ref, so it’s legal. Round two is much more once sides. Big punches start connecting to Xue’s chin cause many knockdowns. Every chance he got, her male opponent would continue to attack her after knocking her down. Mid way though the round Xue beings to spit and droll from the nonstop attacks. By time the round ends it’s clear Xue is exhausted and in big trouble. Round three, picks up where round two ended, more big punches and kicks, more drooling, lots of knockdowns and ground attacks. Finally Xue is nearly KO’d by a huge right hook, as she tries to gather herself on the match, her opponent locks on a sleeper hold for the final KO.

This one is much better than the first mixed boxing match I reviews for you guys. Instead of running in circles for half the match, the first round is more of a wear down round. The tiny Xue is just trying her best not to get hit too much, which doesn’t really work, by the end of the first round you can see he’s not playing very fair, attacking her when she’s down and using chokeholds to wear her down ever more. The second round is where things really get good in my opinion. Xue gets caught in the corners a lot and gets knocked down a lot as well. He continues to attack her when she’s down and by the end of that round spit is flying out for her mouth from the big punches and she’s drooling on the mats from the belly attacks. This is the action I really came to see from TLBC. Third round, it’s pretty much all over, but the KO. We get more spit takes and drooling. The attacks look fantastic and you can clearly tell Xue is done. I was expecting a big punch and a slow motion spit take for the KO, which we kind of got, minus the KO. Xue still had some life in her, but a sleeper finishes her off. Not the best sold sleeper, but it was unexpected and different, so I approve. As you guys know I love tiny jobbers and this girl is really small and sells it all pretty good too. I also love the jeans shorts, which are much better than the normal muay thai shorts. And the mouth piece flying out of her mouth every round and the (assumed) added perspiration are nice touches. Overall another very good fight and I’ll definitely be covering more from TLBC soon.

Overall Score: 9/10