Review of TLBC-BR12-Lei VS M

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-BR12-Lei VS M – 33.5 min

Here’s video from a production one of you guys told me about as asked if I could cover some of their videos. I took a look around and liked what I saw, so I got a couple of their vids and I’ll be covering them here and there in the next couple of weeks. I didn’t see any text description on their site, so long story short, it’s mixed boxing match between Lei and some guy. I’m not sure if M is short for a name or just meaning male, but nonetheless, Lei basically plays defense for the first round and a half or so, just trying to keep her distance, but eventually she gets trapped and totally dominated for the second half of the video. It does have a massive uppercut that puts Lei out cold in the end. I’ll get into more detail during the review, starting now.

Out of all the matches on TLBC site, I was drawn to this one, simple because I notices that Lei was wearing boots, I’m not kidding, that was the main reason. All the mixed boxing matches I looked at were one sided, so I didn’t have that to worry about, but I think this was the only one where the girl had on boot or shoes. Anyway, this was a pretty good pick as once the punches really started flying,  I was treated to some great looking, hard hitting action, with Lei getting dominated, worn down and eventually knocked out. The problem is, it took about 15 minutes for that to start happening. For the first round and half it all just Lei back peddling away from her opponent, circling the ring, around and around and around… There are a few punches thrown, but Lei always quickly escapes and starts to circle the ring again. I don’t think I really need to say it, but that was so boring, so quickly. It’s a good thing we can fast forward through something like that, because otherwise I would have missed just how amazing things got when the action finally kicked off. Just about 20 minutes in to this 33 minute video, Lei starts getting caught with some better punches and everything picks up exponentially. The camera work gets better, we start getting different points of view, some close up of Lei face and belly as she catches punches, ever a blurry shot that works great, as it shows Lei is dazed now and can’t defend herself. The punches look great, some really heavy blows that have Lei on her heel and soon enough on the mats. Lei reacts really well to the punches too. Than a huge uppercut makes Lei spit high into the air before collapsing to the mats with some light twitching for the 10 count. What I’m trying to say is, the last 10 or so minutes of this match almost completely make up for the slow and action-less first half. If they could cut the first 20 minutes off and just give us the last half or if they cut down that 20 mins to one or two minutes and give us more other hard hitting stuff, this could be a contender for some of the best boxing action on the web. Seriously guys, when this match got going it was that good.

Overall Score: 8/10 (Only because the action took so long to start. Last ten minutes 9.5/10)