Review of Sensually SavageTIP OF THE BLADE – 13 mins

Sexy warriors Eden and Pandora face off in an epic bikini/blades battle! We fade in on the stunning Pandora, facing off against long time rival Eden in a series of short and brutal battles involving ninja blades, knives, sais, and a pair of huge swords! Each mini-battle starts off furiously, only to end with one fighter either stabbed, sliced, or gutted on the ground…groaning, twitching, and clinging to life until a finishing blade attack ends her defiance! A final battle ends with both beautiful combatants lifeless on the ground, forming a perfect and sexy pile as the camera fades to black!

Got another SSP vid here that is definitely more savage then it is sensual, which is my personal favorite type of SSP vid and also getting to see Pandora and Eden in thongs, selling some OTT action is another pretty big selling point. Anyway, savage and over the top is a great way to describe this vid, these fights to the death are great, both Eden and Pandora sell the hell out of this with all the OTT reactions a guy like me could as for. It’s also great to see Eden get the chance to really sell some OTT action, she’s come close over at SKW, but it seemed like most of those roles weren’t meant to be too OTT so she couldn’t go too crazy, but that is not the case here and she is awesome. Of course Pandora is too, but we’ve been lucky enough to see her sell OTT plenty of times. So yea, OTT deadly action between these two gorgeous gals, who really know how to sell it, in sexy outfits, easy win.

Overall Score: 9.5/10