Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs THE ROCKETTES – 27 mins

We fade in on THE IMPOSSIBLE:  6’9 Tiny OUT COLD on the mats as pro stars Tiffany Roxx and Rock-C tell the cameras how EASILY they beat him down!   As the ladies continue to brag, however, Tiny awakens and stretches… yawning.  He listens to the pros talk smack as he stands, stretching, letting the world know that he wasn’t defeated… he’d only been taking a nap as Miss Roxx and Rock-C decided to cut a promo based on lies!  Tiny proceeds to do what Tiny does best, grabbing the ladies by the hair and SLAMMING them into each other for an instant KO.  Camera girl Jacquelyn Velvets watches in horror, narrating the beatdown from start to finish as Tiny proceeds to destroy the once mighty tag team!

This was the prefect set up of a video with these two awesome pro ladies. They always have a lot to say and they are always pretty funny, so what better way to start this one sided domination than having Tiffany and Rock-C try and pull a fast one on Tiny and the SKW audience, with a story of dominance that really soundly like they were making it up as they went along. Once I was done laughing at this intro, I truly have to hand it to both Rock-C and Tiffany for being outstanding jobbers. It always seen that a match vs Tiny brings out the best jobber in everyone. I seen Rock-C lose plenty of times before, but I haven’t seen Tiffany lose too much, so she kind of stole the show for me by just being awesome, but both girls really provided their best selling for this. I also still think Tiny is getting more talkative and funny, which I know some people don’t want too much trash talk but I love it and I continue to look forward to what the monster is going to say next. Tiffany Roxx and Rock-C are awesome and I definitely can’t wait for them to get the chance to visit again.

Overall Score: 9.9/10