Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs NIKKI FIERCE – 23 Mins

NikkiWe fade in on something amazing.  Something we never thought we’d see:  6’9 Tiny… trapped in Nikki Fierce’s vise-like side neckscissors!!!!   SK is called in with his camera to witness this as Jacquelyn narrates.  Soon enough, TINY is KO’ed!!!   An ecstatic Nikki announces her victory to the camera… until she’s suddenly cut off by Tiny’s giant hand wrapping itself around her throat!!! The monster was playing possum the whole time… and SK keeps filming as he stands and slaps a tight sleeper hold on the stunned Miss Fierce!  She goes out like a LIGHT… and Tiny prepared for an epic revenge squash!  What follows is absolutely brutal, as Nikki is completely destroyed by this masked madman!!!

Tiny strikes again, but not before an intro that even while you’re watching it you still can’t believe. I have got to give props to who ever thought of that intro. I love the ecstatic look on Nikki’s face, when BOOM! Tiny massive hand comes out of nowhere. Then it’s on to the crazy Tiny type squashes we have all come to love. Nikki’s destruction at the hands of Tiny is definitely one of the better ones, I personally have to keep Luna’s and Kayla’s at the top because those where ridiculous, but this one is just below those. I love the way Nikki sells, she has great reactions to everything and she’s so freaking flexible, sometimes it seems like her legs have a mind of their own, or not attached to her hips, it quite amazing to watch. She also does great eyerolling, when we’re close enough to see it and her twitching, a lot like Allie Parker’s, is very “fish out of water” and I love it and there’s plenty of it, including in the final pin, which has become one of my favorite things to see. In true Tiny fashion, there’s a ton of brutal looking power moves, he does some of his great one liner trash talk, like “let’s go get ice cream” as he carries her away and we also have SK and Miss Velvets co-commenting. Basically, if you’re a fan of these epic squashes, or squashes at all, then you better not miss this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10