Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs CHEYENNE JEWEL – 27 Mins

We’ve had a LOT of girls fall to 6’9 Tiny’s power thus far… but none have done so as dramatically (and brutally) as the stunning Cheyenne Jewel.  After verbally smack-talking her would be opponent, Tiny sneaks up and does his very WORST: wiping the mats with the stunned Cheyenne until all that’s left is an unconscious warrior draped over Tiny’s dominant shoulder.   This is one of our fav mixed destructions to date, guys…and we PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!

There has indeed been a lot of girls completely dominated by the monster Tiny and besides the ragdolls and the handicapped matches, Cheyenne’s really does have to be one of the best. Now there isn’t a ton of overselling, like Kayla’s or Andrea’s, but Cheyenne is intense and loud and really puts on a great show for us. She also looks fantastic making that popular black and white two piece look better than ever. Also, Tiny was on another level too, he was really intense as well and pulled out some really big and impressive moves for poor Cheyenne. In fact, between Cheyenne screaming bloody murder and Tiny doing his thing, they often drowned out Sumiko in the background trying to plead with Tiny to stop the madness. So, this may not be the #1 for overselling action, but for high intensity, high impact and high volume (RIP headphone users), it would be hard to find one better than this.

Overall score: 9.9/10