Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs ANDREA ROSU – 22 Mins

andreaThe title tells you everything you need to know, folks.  The beautiful Andrea Rosu believes her match with Sleeperkid has been canceled…and she now has to wrestle some dude named Tiny.  She laughs as the 6’9 monster approaches from behind and attacks with a sudden and lethal SLEEPER!!!! The rest, as they say, is a giant dude destroying a completely stunned jobber!!!

I have seen Andrea Rosu in plenty of submissive roles, but nothing quite like this. Tiny manhandles Andrea as if she was Sparrow’s size, not ever looking like it took any more effort to basically ragdoll Andrea around. And Andrea sold all of this the best I ever seen her do, the best I could have ever expected of her. She sold this domination like you would expect from SKW’s best talents. She did lots of eyerolling, twitching, tongue protrusion and even a little drooling at the end. After this one I just wanted to stand up and applaud Andrea for delivering this outstanding performance. And Tiny too, I don’t think we could have hoped for guy to take on the role of Tiny and just do it right every time like he does. I love his humor, his banter with Jacquelyn, and the way he sneaks up on his unsuspecting victims, this time literally had me laughing out loud as he creeps up behind Andrea. So, another awesome Tiny clip, this one easily in my top 5 Tiny clips, with Sparrow, Luna, Kayla, and the likes. I hope Tiny gets another chance to sneak up on Andrea again on her next SKW visit.

Overall Score: 10/10