Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY GETS SAVAGE – 25 mins

We fade on the lovely SAYA SAVAGE as she tells her fans how EASY her upcoming match against a “mystery opponent” is destined to be.  All as we see 6’9 TINY enter and deliver a sudden and brutal LOW BLOW that drops Saya like a stone.  Thus begins yet ANOTHER Tiny beatdown…and it’s one for the books.  The beautiful Saya takes one heck of a squash, until a final and merciful (and surprising) KO finally ends it for the Egyptian fighter!

I have always really liked Saya, but it seems whenever she has to do a big squash match like this, she pulls out all the stops and delivers a performance that just trumps all her other videos. The last time I was so incredibly impressed by Saya was way back when she did her ragdoll match vs Sapphire. When she sells like this I think she needs to be considered one for the best jobbers at SKW. This video is outstanding, not only does Saya deliver her best performance ever, in my option, we get great over the top reaction as twitching, drooling and very good eyerolling is a common sight in this video, but also Tiny is  really on another level. He is pumped up and more aggressive than ever, maybe, he talks plenty of humorous trash and pulls off a bunch of awesome power moves that only he can do. I normally like boots and knee pads, but I really can’t find a problem with just knee pads and the rest of Saya’s outfit, and Saya herself for that matter, look incredible. And, the very last piledriver came as a great surprise, as i figured Tiny would just carry her away as normal.  I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t love about this one and therefore it is a clear must on for anyone who loves these Tiny squashes.

Overall Score: 10/10

  • No doubt! As you said: ” Saya deliver her best performance ever”!

    • so damn good, Saya has definitely gained some points on this one.

  • DV

    Another helpless woman completely destroyed with some great selling on her part (love the legs quivering) and Tiny doing his usual entertaining job of dishing out as much pain to her as possible. Can’t ask for much more!

  • I’m usually not one to care much at all about or pay attention to the male performer that dishes out the punishment in the videos outside of them being noticeably bad and messing the video up every now and then lol but I have to say it seems Tiny almost always brings out the best in the girls when they are being squashed by him. They often tend to give their best performances or one of their best and sell amazingly. Idk what all it is i’d say his size and strength allows them to be more comfortable with him doing the moves and not dropping/hurting them so they are most likely willing to do more bigger high impact stuff as well as be more limp/ragdoll in certain moves and holds than normal.

    • I’m right there with you man, normally i don’t pay to much attention to the male heel either, but Tiny has just been amazing and even better with a shirt lol. But as far as i can tell, by talking to everyone i can, it is Tiny’s size, strength and professionalism that makes the ladies so comfortable. They know he’s not going drop them, they know he knows what he’s doing and he’s always double checking with them to make sure he’s not being to rough. All of that is what makes them all sell to their best.

  • Oh and Saya looks amazing