Review of Tiny Asian get dominated

Review of Defeated Tiny Asian get dominated – 18.5 mins

Katana is immediately over powered by Stella and forced down to the mats for her first of many KOs. Stella uses headscissors, sleeper holds and chokes to dominate the tiny Asian, squeezing the consciousness out of her again and again. The first few KOs Katana’s eyes roll back while she struggles in vain, but after now her tongue starts to protrude as she struggles for air, completely at Stella’s mercy. Stella has fun forcing the tongue for Katana’s mouth to stick out seemingly more and more with each passing KO. Every time Stella slaps Katana back to the land of the living only to slap on another hold and watch at Katana’s eye go white, her tongue hangs and she slips from consciousness again. Eventually Stella grows tried of dominating the tiny Asian jobber, KOing her one more time before flexing victoriously over her eye rolling, tongue protruding foe.

A very great squash match from Defeated, as the cute little Asian, Katana, that dominated Stella in previous Spies vid takes quiet a nice beatdown from Stella in this vid. The biggest and best thing about this one that I love this the amazing tongue protrusion Katana does. I love how much and how far her tongue hangs out in a lot of the hold used in here. The great tongue protrusion is also accompanied by very good eyerolling and plenty of KOs. Stella really looks like she having a great time dominating her tiny foe and uses those sexy legs as her main weapon. I would love the see more Katana doing even more tongue protrusion then this and add some drooling at twitching too, that would be such an awesome video in my opinion. But of course none of you are shocked by that. Anyway, even with no twitching or drooling Katana was an awesome jobber in this vid and hopefully we’ll get more of her soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10