Review of The Utopia Pain LeagueTIFFANY v DAMNATION – 14 mins

The UPL launches its new season with popstar Tiffany Bell making her debut against the hellish Damnation! Tiffany doesn’t know how to fight sadly for her and Damnation is in the mood to do some damage. Who wins?

The folks over at have gone full pro style with a new sister site called the, aka UPL (Utopia Pain League). They only have one episode up so far, but in true NGC fashion they have already started laying down some serious story lines. The first thing they make clear is who’s the heel and who’s the babyface. The girl they have playing the heel, Damnation, is perfect, she arrogant, confident and is just looking to put the hurt on whoever is in her way. The babyface is exactly the opposite, Tiffany Bell, she’s kind of modest, nervous and just looking to get by. I love how they set the storyline up in this video, giving a little background and letting us know what’s going on, mostly. Two women show up at the end, I have no idea who that are or what role they play, but no doubt that will be explained soon enough. As for the match in this video, it’s a multi submissions match, that goes exactly as you’d hope, the babyface gets absolutely crushed. The selling is great, the action is solid, with jobber girl tapping out a few times and getting knocked out in the end. Anyone who’s ever seen a video from NGC knows their shooting style and thankfully they didn’t try to change anything in this new adventure. Needless to say, I was impressed and entertained by this video and I greatly look forward to more story and more destruction at UPL.

Overall score: 9.5/10