Review of Three Way Stab Fest

Review of DefeatedThree Way Stab Fest – 16.5 mins

In this video Zafira, Dee and Kety go round after round, going through multiple scenes where they try to take each other down with knives. For the very first round with battle is done on our new mirrored floors, before returning to our normal mats for the remaining rounds. Also for the first couple of rounds the action starts one on one, then the odd girl out does a run in attacking the other two and most of the time ending up on the winning end. After about half way through, all the rounds start with all three girls on the mat and the battle fairly for superiority. The girls act out the scenes in a almost comedic, overdramatic fashion with their tongues hanging out and out cold stares. There are many body piles and sexy positions throughout the video, but in the end all three girls end up down on the mats with their butts in the air.

More Defeated action for you guys and the title of this one really sum it up pretty nicely, this is a real stab fest, all sorts of belly stabbing in all sorts of ways. This one also brings in two new girls, in Zafira, in the floral panties and Kety in the slightly transparent light blue panties, they are joined by Dee and what we get is the crazy vid. This one is really about belly stabbing, there’s lots of sneak attacking, every girl from themselves, lots of teaming up, and betrayal. The selling is nicely over dramatic, a little silly, light hearted and over the top. I love the way the girls react to the belly stabbing, I like the little bit of tongue protrusion there was and I like that we got some death stares too. The whole vid moves a good pace, it feels fast and action packed, just flying through the scenes. The first scene is shot on this mirrored floor that they have over at Defeated now, it doesn’t look very comfortable, but it’s definitely a unique setting and I wonder what things they could cook up using that.

Overall Score: 9/10