Review of Three way KO Challenge

Review of DefeatedThree way KO Challenge – 19 mins

Romero has a new challenge for the ladies today and as sent them the rules in a text. Cherry reads the rules to Veronica and Dee, explaining the well be told what moves to do and who they have to face, with the winner being the girl with the most KOs at the end. The girls take each other on one on one, while the other girl plays referee. Multiple rounds pass and each of the girls manage to get their fair share of KOs, so they need a tie breaker round. The tie breaker is, the first of the three girls to get a 5 count pin is the winner. The girls KO each other round and round as one of them is always able to wake up in time to stop another for from winning. Finally Dee is able to take advantage of the other two fighting and traps them both in a double head scissors. With both Veronica and Cherry out Dee is able to score the 5 count, break the tie and gain the win.

Back with another Defeated review for you guys and this time we got something really new, a whole new way to do a three-way battle. The match is broken down into several rounds and each rounds the girls are given an opponent and sometimes what move they have to use to try and KO each other. Of course after all those rounds are over, it’s a three way tie and we have to have a tie breaker round that starts with a three-way head scissors, which then leads to a bunch of KOs and the battle and interfere with each other as they try to get the winning pin. After watching this vid, that is only way it should have ended. This was a really enjoyable format, especially for a KO junkie like me, as there was just a ton of KOs in this. I love that this put a new spin on three girl matches, I think this format worked really well and hopefully we’ll see this again. It also doesn’t hurt that there isn’t a stich of clothing between all three of these girls. Yea, I love certain outfits, boots and shoes, but I find I hard to complain about three gorgeous, completely naked woman.

Overall Score: 9/10