Review of Three Way Fist Fight Highlights

Review of Defeated Three Way Fist Fight Highlights – 14 mins

Meryl stands in front of Stella and Valerie with her fists up ready for a fight. She says that even though she is new around here, she is sure that she tough enough to beat both of them. Stella laughs, turning to Valerie and says, she thinks she can beat us. Valerie looks back at Stella and Says, she is probably tough enough to beat you, but I’m the best around her. Meryl says that no one thinks Valerie is the best. OK, that’s enough! Stella interrupts, let’s do this. What follows is several scenes of the three ladies battling back and forth between each other to see who really is best. In some scenes the girls team up to take one of the other out, some scenes one girl take on both and sometimes it’s every girl for themselves, but no matter what happens at least two of the three ladies end up out cold and twitching at the end of each scene. In the final scene Stella, Valerie and Meryl are all exhausted from all the KOs, they trade a few punches between each other, before a final punch combo leave all three of them KO’d and twitching on the floor. So I guess we’ll have to call this one a draw.

Back with more Defeated reviews for you guys and this is a great one. Meryl. Stella and Valerie have a three way fist fight, where everyone gets a turn getting knocked out and as you would expect, sometimes there’s some team work and sometimes it’s really every woman for herself. This also ends up making for a few funny moments, my favorite being after Meryl and Valerie work together to KO Stella, Meryl asks for a high fight, but all she gets is a punch the belly and a knock out. The selling is over the top, but not crazy, we get lots of punch drunkenness, great eye reactions, tongues hanging out and twitchy KOs, most of time with body piles too. I think all the ladies sold this one very well, of course I also thing Stella was the best of the three. The scenes are short and right to the point, but are still very entertaining. Again, this is Defeated successfully trying out some new ideas for videos, I really hope they keep it up, as well as doing more vids like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10