Review of Three Stage Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThree Stage Match – 22 mins

The famous FWR rivalry continues as Becca and Peyton square off in a multi-style match consisting of a bare fist fight, a boxing match, and a wrestling match. The rules are that the first to get two victories is the winner and Peyton easily destroys Becca with her powerful punches. She knocks the blond all over the place causing her to be groggy and dizzy the entire time. Becca is quickly knocked out in the fist fighting match and Peyton wastes no time putting the boxing gloves on her while she sleeps. The boxing match begins before Becca can recover and although she gets quickly knocked out, Peyton wakes her up for more fun! Becca loses the boxing match which gives Peyton the 2/3 victory … but she decides that she wants to do the wrestling match anyway. Big mistake! An accidental knockout puts Peyton on her back as Becca recovers and proceeds to torture the brunette in VERY painful wrestling holds! Peyton submits several times then is knocked out several times as Becca takes the wrestling victory with a stunner! You’ll love the fun ending in this video and we hope you’ll add it to your collection!

I am loving all the Becca and Peyton clips we’ve been getting from FWR lately and even though there was another one released with the latest update, I choose this one to review because it’s more of a win/win for me. I love the three stages idea, which gives us a fist fight, a boxing match and a wrestling match. Becca totally gets crushed in both the fist fight and the boxing match, giving us her brilliant punch drunken reactions. Unsurprisingly, Peyton makes a mistake and lets Becca come back and dominate the final round, even though she technically already lost. I always talk about how it doesn’t matter who wins or loses when it comes to Becca and Peyton and this video is exactly that, as they both lose and both win. Of course, they are both great in both roles, as they always are, which is why I love when they work together so much. Also, I like their socks too, not as good as converse boots, but better than bare feet, for me at least.

Overall Score: 9.9/10