Review of Three Rounds with Renee

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThree Rounds with Renee – 11.5 mins

Several fans have been asking for POV videos where the FWR girls lose so here you go! You join the lovely Renee in the ring for a boxing match. She’s not impressed though and dominates you with her punches in round one. But as the round progresses you manage to get some punches in until the bell. Round two has the two of you trading punches and you drop Renee with a flurry of punches! She’s stunned but fights back only to end up kissing the canvas two more times until she’s saved by the bell. Dazed from the previous round, poor Renee gets totally dominated in round three as your punches are too much for her. She tries valiantly to survive but in the end she’s knocked out and counted out. Poor little Renee!

Let me first admit, that I am definitely one of those “several fans” that have been asking to see the FWR ladies “take an L” in a POV boxing match and I am glad that not only has Rick answered my prayers, but also glad to see that it was Renee who got to take the fall. Renee has been at FWR for a little while now but I still think of her as one of the new girls. She caught my eye early on and has continued to keep my attention with some pretty good performances, so I was happy to see her in one of my favorite style of matches. I think she did really good too, of course the vets like Becca and Peyton really put on great shows for us, but I feel like Renee did well, and I just think she has the cuties face and such a great shape, that the jobber role is just so perfect for her. I do like that Renee starts off confident and strong, but slowly loses control and confidence until finally she gets KO’d. Of course Rick knows that I will always keep asking to see his girls lose in these POV matches, but this one was will calm me down for a little while.  

Overall Score: 9/10