Review of Three Rounds with Persephone & Daisy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThree Rounds with Persephone & Daisy – 11.5 mins

Daisy, another new FWR battling babe, takes on Persephone in a 3 round variety match. Round one, a boxing match, has Daisy showing her reach advantage by keeping the smaller beauty at arm’s length while Persephone swings wildly, tiring herself out. Daisy then destroys her opponent with hooks to the face, belly punches in the corner, a speedbag facial, and a final uppercut knockout. Round two is a scissors and pins match that begins with both fighters on their knees. They attack in an embrace and the bigger Daisy manages to get Persephone down and into a straight head scissors. But Daisy underestimates the agile and quick dark haired girl as Persephone escapes and traps the new girl in several scissor holds to weaken her. A tight school girl pin 10 count wins this round for Persephone. The final round is a wrestling match to a knockout. Persephone jumps an unprepared Daisy and tries to knock her out with a piggy back sleeper but the blond fakes her knockout and makes a comeback to destroy Persephone with two snap mares, a camel clutch, and a knockout dragon sleeper. A school girl pin 10 count gives this match to our newest fem, Daisy!

As you know the year is coming to an end and the means I get to do another awards video. Well, FWR has had so many new girls coming in that it is going to be really easy to think of great newcomers for best rookie of the year, as we can add another the list with the debut of Daisy, who happens to be going up against another new comer and already on the rise in my book, Persephone. This for me is like a sampler video, really great way to quickly show how each girl can sell in different kinds of matches and look in different outfits. My personal favorites were the way Persephone looked in the wrestling match and with way she sold in the boxing match. Really she sold really well in both defeats, but I loved the shiny one pieces with boots and the whole swinging like a mad woman at the end of Daisy’s fist until she was too tired to defend herself, that was just too funny, cheesy, but still couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw it. Don’t get me wrong either, I think Daisy looked really good in the shiny one piece as well and she did great beating up Persephone. I’ve been dying to see Persephone lose more as she been a hell of a performer already and I think we have only seen the tip of her abilities, but for now, this was great to watch. Great to have another newcomer to welcome to the FWR family and I greatly look forward to more videos featuring both of these lovely ladies.

Overall Score: 9/10