Review of Three Rounds with Miriya

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThree Rounds with Miriya – 10.5 mins

During a previous visit, Miriya (one of the regulars at Sleeperkid’s World) entered the ring to box you in a three round battle to a knockout. Let’s just cut to the chase … she didn’t do so well and you kicked the crap out of her! She managed to get a few punches in but it was evident that she simply didn’t have as much power in her punches that you had in yours. Although Miriya manages to drop you to the canvas one time you mainly dominate her all around the ring, dropping her several times. She gets weaker and weaker until you finally pull her off the ropes to smash her with a knockout uppercut. Enjoy!

I feel like I say every time we get a video with Miriya, but I just feel like she is so under used / underrated, I feel like I have to say it. This to me is another example of her giving us a wonderful performance, in an FWR special, the POV boxing match. I guess that’s not exclusive to FWR, but I definitely get most of my POV boxing vids from Rick. Anyway, as our humble FWR producer mentioned, this one is mostly one sided. “You” win the first round, almost flawlessly, Miriya comes back fairly well in round 2 and you own her again in the final round. I feel like Miriya makes this one special with her selling as she’s a tiny bit silly and she flails around more than most, which is fun to watch. There are a couple of knock downs, which of course FWR knows you need that in boxing match and we get a great look at Miriya after she out cold on the mats. Simply this is another lovely POV vid from FWR.

Overall Score: 9.5/10