Review of Three Lives

Review of Next Global CrisisThree Lives (Season 4 / Special Mission 6) – 11.5 Mins

Bluebird has been captured by her arch-enemy Rex Deacon and put under his control by nefarious technology. Rex despises Bluebird and is hellbent on defeating her in all 3 of her iconic costumes. Bluebird is disgusted at the thought of him dressing her and vows to end his sick plan. Bluebird fights hard landing multiple good shots to Rex, but they are totally ineffective and his electric arm soon sends her into a dizzying trance. Rex works through Bluebird’s first two costumes in this way with 2 powerful KO’s. Finally, in her third costume he gives her a glimmer of hope, by shutting down the machine that is weakening her, so that he can ‘feel’ something. What follows is a brutal fight in which Bluebird gives her all, but will it be enough? Should Bluebird be defeated, she will be Rex’s play-thing forever.

I love these special missions for Next Global Crisis, because it’s great to have some superheroine destruction outside of their major storylines and no one is better to see get destroyed then Bluebird. She always puts on quite a show with amazing reactions, a little bit of eyerolling and she always looks fantastic. This was a nice treat for us long time NGC fans who have seen all the iterations of Bluebirds costumes over the years. The first two KOs are quick and easy, just pure domination with a superpowered KO. The last KO is much longer and is done in music montage fashion. Bluebird does get a little offense in, but is still eventually defeated and the montage shows it well. I like that apparently this is a daily routine for Rex, but Bluebird’s memory gets wiped every time so each day is brand new to her.  Rex could have been doing this for a week or a month but she could never tell. Of course in true NGC fashion, there’s an alternate ending where Bluebird wins, but I like the original ending much better.

Overall Score: 9.5/10