Review of This is What Cheaters Get

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThis is What Cheaters Get – 11.5 mins

Renee and Becca meet in the ring for a boxing match with a 10 count pin rule. They agree to wear mouth pieces for protection and at the sound of the bell, come out boxing. Renee attacks right away with a few face punches then a huge barrage of belly punches as Becca hangs on the ropes. Noticing that Becca’s legs are spread, Renee decides to fight dirty and uses her knee to hit Becca with a low blow! Becca drops and spits out her mouthpiece to complain about the illegal attack. She’s so angry that she immediately trips Renee and attacks! Becca gets even with some of her own low blows then destroys Renee’s belly with an onslaught of hard punches. With the rule book thrown away, Becca puts poor Renee in a dragon sleeper, abdominal stretch, and an over the knee back breaker … all with plenty of belly punches included! In the end, a series of bare fisted mounted punches knocks Renee out as Becca takes the pin and victory. If you love belly punches you’ll enjoy this video!

This is a nice way to change up a belly punching vid, and I say that, because that’s really what this is. It starts out as a boxing match, but quickly becomes belly punching focused and I have to say, I really enjoyed it being presented this way. I like that Renee’s attempt to cheat Becca totally blew up in her face, and quite frankly, if Renee didn’t cheat she might have won, as Becca was already looking like she might be in some trouble. Nonetheless, a rage fueled Becca totally dominates from that point on, beating the crap out of Renee. Renee sells it pretty good too, she’s still pretty new, so she’s not perfect yet, but I feel she did very well in this. I do wish Becca let Renee keep the boxing gloves on and I wish her mouth piece would have been ejected from the belly beating, instead of just spat out at the end. I love the few moments of writhing we got from Renee, even better at the end when she tries to get up but fails, writhing in pain some more. The moves and positions Becca puts Renee in change frequently which definitely helped keep me entertained. I’m normally not a big fan of belly punching vids, but this one, with the writhing, a face punching KO, a pin and lot of different positions made it a great video in my opinion.

Overall Score: 9/10