Review of This is My Ring!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThis is My Ring! – 12 Mins

AshleyAntoinette, looking more muscular and beautiful than ever, doesn’t like the visiting girl wrestlers who think they can take her on. When Ashley Wildcat jumps into the ring all bubbly and excited to meet her Antoinette POUNCES! Poor Ashley is soundly destroyed as Antoinette dominates from the beginning to the end, giving the perky blond a little lesson in wrestling! The muscular beauty uses head locks, choke holds, scissors, rope work, and a final dragon sleeper to finish the blond visitor off. At the end you’re treated to a beautiful school girl pin and muscle pose as Antoinette announces that “This is MY ring!”

Antoinette is back in her natural role of being the dominate heel. This time over the amazing Ashley Wildcat. I really feel like we just don’t see Ashley get completely squashed like this enough and it’s a shame because she’s an awesome jobber. There’s no real bells or whistles to this one. It’s just a one sided squash, start to finish. Antoinette makes light work of Ashley, but also does a good variety of moves and keeps the match rolling at a good pace. A nice and easy KO at the end with a pin and victory pose and this one is over. Great pro style outfits, Antoinette looks better every day and Ashley looks awesome jobbing in her all pink outfit. This is not only a good squash, but if you’re like me and just love seeing Ashley on the losing side, then this vid is a no brainer.

Overall score: 9/10