Review of Thea Visits The School of Hard Knocks

Review of DefeatedThea Visits The School of Hard Knocks – 9 mins

Valerie is dressed in a pretty unusual outfit for boxing, but she claims she is here to teach our newest roster addition, Thea, some boxing. When Thea shows up in almost the exact same outfit as Valerie you can feel Valerie’s mood shift. Thea has no idea what’s coming as Valerie begins her lessons by actually punching Thea in the face. Thea, completely unprepared for the punch goes right out, landing face first on the mats with her butt in the air. Valerie wakes Thea, saying she didn’t mean to hurt her, but immediately continues the boxing lesson, this time throwing multiple punches which again KOs the new comer. This time Thea lands flat on her face, but it also twitching for this KO. When Valerie wakes Thea, Thea asks if there’s anything Valerie can teach her without hitting her. So, Valerie instructs Thea how to throw some punches and she doesn’t hit her, but as Thea practices the punches back to Valerie, Thea punches Valerie in the face. Valerie doesn’t go down, but instead is filled with rage and proceeds to beat the daylights out of Thea. Thea is almost instantly senseless, she punch drunkenly stumbles all around the mats, trying to stay on her feet, her eyes roll and cross and her tongue hangs out as Valerie punches her back and forth. Thea finally goes down with her butt in the air, twitching again while Valerie mocks her. Thea struggles back to her feet, but I clearly dazed, but that doesn’t stop Valerie for delivering more punches. After a bunch more punches Thea drops to her knees where Valerie finishes her off with a big uppercut that leaves Thea out cold and twitching one the mats. Welcome to Defeated Thea.

Even more Defeated action coming at you guys and talk about trying something different and I’m not even really talking about the match type, but this time the outfits. The description is definitely right, these outfits are very unusual for anyone planning to do some boxing, but the sexy school girl outfits and high heel boots are a welcomed change to me, I love these outfits, even though for some reason, Valerie is still wearing that damned green bikini under her school girl outfit. Anyway, this video also welcomes Thea to Defeated and she makes a hell of a first impression, with some nice over the top reaction and looking really great in the school girl outfit and heels. I love this story too, it’s funny that Valerie plays the role of a boxing teacher, just use the opportunity to beat up a rookie. Thea is not only surprised by the attack, but is also quickly helpless and repeatedly KO’d. So, not only are we introduced to a cool new talent in this vid, but also, great sexy outfits, however unusual for boxing, and we also get some great one sided boxing action with some over the top selling. A very great video overall and indeed a hell of a welcome for Thea.

Overall Score: 9.5/10