Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE WRONG LAYLA – 23 Mins

minaIntroducing Layla Moore and Little Mina… with the lovely MONROE! We fade in on a very nervous Mina pacing on the mats. She meets up with her pal Monroe and tells her about her upcoming match with a girl named “Layla”.  Monroe immediately tells her to relax… and assures her that if Mina can beat her, she can definitely beat this Layla girl.  They decide to spar, and Mina takes a beat-down to the belly for her troubles. Monroe flips her over and immediately applies a killer sleeper hold that puts the lovely Chinese fighter OUT. Monroe seems a bit disappointed and wakes her friend up… giving her another chance.  This time Mina replies with a sudden low blow, knocking Monroe down and leaving her open for a flurry of leg drops to Monroe’s chest that slowly knock her out!   A determined Mina nails MORE of them after the KO to make sure… only to add a finishing reverse figure four neckscissors to seal the deal. Monroe struggles but slowly fades in the powerful hold, leaving her open to Mina’s pin! Monroe comes to and congratulates Mina… telling her that she’s more than ready to take on her sister Layla. That’s when Mina’s eyes grow wide with fear. “Your sister?” she yells. Turns out she was about to face 6’1 Layla Moore (and NOT SKW’s Layla)… who is now right behind BOTH wrestlers. Without warning, the powerful Amazon slams the girls INTO each other face first, knocking them out cold as she prepares for a night FULL of beatdowns! The stunningly powerful Layla proceeds to wipe the mats with the jobbers, knocking them out repeatedly and pinning them… until a final sneak attack/2 on 1 sleeper (during Layla’s trash-talking) manages to save Mina and Monroe from further punishment!

You guys know I love when two jobber get dominated by one powerful heel, I also love these colored two pieces with boot and kneepads, so this is clearly something I’m going to love. This one is extra special though, as we get a look at two new to SKW visitors, the powerful Layla Moore, who I thought did very good overpowering the cute jobbers. Although, she’s not handing out piledrivers and powerbombs galore, she did some nice moves and it was an overall great beatdown. Also the visiting Chinese cutie, Little Mina, who is super tiny and just as cute. Mina sold this like she was doing it just for me, having her tongue out every opportune time and doing plenty of great eyerolling too. All that alongside Monroe, who I already love the way she performs, made for a pretty awesome video. I love the idea of Monroe figuring if you’re at SKW and you fighting Layla, of course that would be her sister, a mistake anyone could make.  Also, it was nice that both lovely jobbers get a little offense in on each other before Layla takes over. I didn’t love when team up to KO Layla for their escape, I rather have the big powerful heels stay in control even when sneak attacked, but it’s just one KO, at the very end, I can live with that. Overall, I love Little Mina, shame we only get one vid with her. Another great job by Monroe, as she continues to impress and I enjoyed the confident, cocky and powerful Layla.

Overall Score: 9.5/10