Elizabeth is talking to the camera with a bottle of water in her hand. She explains that she spiked the water so who ever drinks it will become very dizzy and weak. She plans on using it on the new girls, so she can use them as practice dummies. While she’s talking Eden and Lilith enter behind Elizabeth and overhear her plan. They work together, taking the bottle from Elizabeth and force her to drink it. It only takes a few seconds for Elizabeth to become too weak to fight back. Eden and Lilith team up and beat down Elizabeth, they hold her down, punch, kick and humiliate Elizabeth until Elizabeth passes out. They ragdoll Elizabeth, continuing to punch and kick her as the please, until Eden gets bored after this tricked beatdown. Eden grabs the water bottle, sneaks up in Lilith as she’s still playing with Elizabeth and forces her to drink it. Lilith quickly gets weak and Eden starts to beat her down too. Elizabeth is pushed aside to give Eden room to beat up Lilith. After a while Elizabeth to starts to stir, it takes her some time to clear her head and make it back to her feet, but when she does she attacks Eden, forcing her to drink from the bottle as well. Eden is new and isn’t strong enough to fight Elizabeth now the narcotics have worn off. Elizabeth dominates Eden mercilessly, angry about be trick and beaten up. Elizabeth notices as Lilith starts to wake up and makes her drink from the bottle as well. The drugs make Lilith pass out almost right away. Elizabeth stacks the new girls up on top of each other and poses over them.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this one is a real special one, not only because finally we get to see the beautiful Elizabeth defeated, so of, but also because this one was entirely scripted by yours truly. Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t go all over the top and crazy like I did in my other scripts, I just thought of a fun idea to see these three ladies play out, of course with some ragdolling and it turned out fantastic. I’ve been hoping and praying to see Elizabeth on the receiving end of a beatdown and it’s a shame it took this long because she is great, I mean really great, if we can get a bunch of vids with Elizabeth getting destroyed, Stella would have some serious competition for being the best jobber at Defeated, yeah, that good. Anyway, this isn’t all Elizabeth’s show, as she gets a chance to recover due to Eden turning on Lilith, drugging her and beating her down. Lilith has been a great jobber and this one is no different, a little more physical then we normally see from her, but it worked great. We definitely need more like this from Lilith. Eden got off pretty light, not really taking much of beating as Elizabeth just let the drugs work, and made sure Lilith got a second dose and claimed yet another victory. It is so good to see Elizabeth finally get beaten up, even ragdolled a little bit. She was really the stand out star for this one, because she’s never lost even for a moment before, yet she killed it. I’m really happy with the other ladies as well, really happy with how the whole thing turned out. For not being a one-sided, total squash and not being really over the top and ridiculous, I couldn’t be happier about how awesome this video was.

Overall Score: 10/10