Review of The Trainer Part 1

Review of SHG MediaThe Trainer Part 1 – 43.5 mins

POV style – Coco brings in a trainer to learn to fight better. He exploits her weakness instead of making her stronger. Includes: sleepy, fondling, topless.

A fan pointed this video out to me, I only picked out part one of this two part vid when I found out that one part was almost 45 mins. But again Coco comes delivers another great performance. In this one Coco hires a trainer, who happens to be dresses in all black, which would have been awfully suspicious to me, nonetheless, Coco lets him in anyway. After a bit of stretching and some training things go downhill fast for Coco. The content in this video is really just two things and that is the fighting parts where Coco is completely dominated, no matter how hard she tries. She always gets back to her feet after each KO and she even bringing weapon in, only to have it used against her. Then once she’s out there is tons and tons of limp play and heavy groping, as well as some clothing removal. I felt like the fighting parts were literally perfect, but the groping limp play scenes went on a little too long before the next fight scene started. Also the way this was shot was bit of an issue for me. Mostly during the fight scenes our bad guy is just in the way of the action a little too much. The camera feels like it’s trying to look over his should but with all the movement it ends up just looking at his back, more than I’d like. Nonetheless, the fighting parts where still my favorite, as Coco’s selling is just too good. The limp play parts are great too, but as I mentioned they did go on a little too long, in my opinion. Overall, I did enjoy this vid and I do think this video is worth checking out. The second part of this video seems to be more focused on the evildoer’s sexual advances on Coco and has less to do with the fighting stuff, but I might still check it out because Coco.

Overall score: 9/10