Review of The Tinder Triangle

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubThe Tinder Triangle – 28 mins

You have been experimenting with the dating app “Tinder” lately and have narrowed your search down to 3 lucky ladies. Cali Logan, Keri Spectrum and Terra Mizu. You’ve really been stringing them all along and each of the girls is really into you. Today, you have told them to meet you at a strange location for a “date” but when they arrive, you are nowhere to be found. They confront each other about what is going on, completely suspicious. Eventually they all discover they have been dating the same guy & the battle royale is on! Its one hit after another as they find various ways to knock each other out over and over again. They explore one another’s bodies to see what you think is so great! Some lesbian tendencies come out as they realize just how sexy their competition is. Cali, Keri and Terra are all eventually stripped down to just their pantyhose and a thong. Finally, Terra and Keri gang up on Cali, delivering a final, 2-on-1 KO and carry her away.

What happens when you send 3 girls to the same place with all of them expecting to get lucky with the man or their dreams, but he’s nowhere to be found? Well, they have a big, sexy 3 way KO battle of course! Or at least that’s the case in this video as Cali Logan, Keri Spectrum and Terra Mizu tear into each other for opportunity to score with this one guy. The KOs come fast and furious as the ladies wake up just as easy as they go out. It’s incredibly fun watching as the girls go round robin with the KOs piling up quickly as no one gets any control for long until the end. I wouldn’t have mind if they slowed down the pace a bit and gave us more reactions for the KOs. That being said the reactions are there and not too bad, although quick. Also the high pacing of this vid is also half the fun. It’s also always great to see the clothes getting stripped off along the way too. To be honest any there isn’t a KO vid with these 3 awesome girls that I wouldn’t be interested in and this video is a clear example of why. It’s a ton of fun to what, tons of KOs with body piles, some great sexy stripping and fondling too along way.  

Overall score: 9/10