Review of The Super Assassin-Bot Vs The Agents

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsThe Super Assassin-Bot Vs The Agents – 30 mins

Arielle and Jacquelyn have teamed back-up again for revenge on Galas and to steal back the “Family Jewels”. Both girls have vowed to not to go against each other; like the last time. They follow Galas into an abandon place but lose track of her once they step foot inside. They decide to split up in attempt to locate her thinking this was the best strategy. Yet, Galas is no stranger to sneak attacks and is completely aware that she is being followed. Galas stalks both Arielle and Jacquelyn and waits until both girls are separated before she attacks. Galas stumbles across Arielle first and finds her in a room all by herself. She quietly tiptoes up behind her [Arielle is standing with her legs spread apart leaving her groin completely exposed] and kicks her in the groin from behind. The blow hits her so hard it sends both of her feet off the ground. Galas quickly takes Arielle down by delivering a Rear Kick to the Groin. With Arielle out, Galas goes looking for Jacquelyn to take her out. She finds Jacquelyn wondering around calling out for Arielle, but no response is heard back. Galas quickly grabs Jacquelyn from behind, turns her around, and unleashes a Hard Front Kick to the Groin. She then pushes Jacquelyn up against the wall and knees her in the groin multiple times. Galas also punches Jacquelyn in the crotch and knees her in the stomach several times; repeatedly. Arielle, awake now. She works her way over to Jacquelyn and finds Galas holding both of her legs up and stomping Jacquelyn’s crotch. Arielle comes up behind Galas and tries to get her in a rear bearhug but Galas counters with backhand chops to Arielle’s groin until she lets go. Galas then back hand punches Arielle in the face then rear kicks her in the groin. Down she goes again. Jacquelyn manages to get back up and pounces on Galas grabbing her throat. They start rolling around on the floor fighting with their legs entangled. Jacquelyn works her way on top, but Galas isn’t done yet. Galas works her knee in between Jacquelyn groin and begins to strike Jacquelyn in the crotch until Jacquelyn lets go of Galas throat. Jacquelyn falls off. Arielle rushes over to Galas and begins to kick her in the stomach. She then picks up both of Galas legs and instructs Jacquelyn to stomp her in crotch. Poor Galas is now getting her pussy busted. They both take turns stomping, kicking, and, knee dropping into Galas groin. Just when Galas is about to pass out from being cunt-busted. She reaches into her shirt and pulls out a device. “What’s that?” they both ask. “It’s my secret weapon.” “Your secret weapon?” Jacquelyn replies. “Yes. And both of you idiots fell into my trap.” Galas pushes the button and signals for the A.I. Ninja Assassin Little Mina to enter the fight. Little Mina appears from behind and immediately attacks both Arielle and Jacquelyn cunts. They get into a 2 vs 1 fight but there is no hope for either one of them against the A.I. Ninja Little Mina. After finishing both girls. Galas gloats about her victory by walking over Arielle and Jacquelyn’s beaten bodies as they suffer in pain. Galas instructs Little Mina to return and put the “Family Jewels” in a save place. But Little Mina doesn’t seem to be responding. Galas foolishly yells in Little Mina’s face, but this only activates her attack mode. She then responds by attacking Galas cunt far worse than she did to the girls. Now all have fell victim to the A.I. Ninja Little Mina.

I visit Galas’ store and again veer a little off my usual course, this time going thing a cunt busting battle between Galas, Jacquelyn Velvets, Arielle Lane and a little help from Little Mina. This one takes a little while to get rolling as the set-up is a little too drawn out, but once the action gets going it never stops until the end. I’m all cool with the cunt busting battles, but I don’t really get why the girls were asked to cry out “aww my balls” when they get cunt punched. I’m not really upset about it or anything, it made me laugh a little and left me quite puzzled. Anyway, everyone’s pussy takes a pounding in this one, everyone except for Little Mina, who came in as the treacherous robot near the end, who takes out everyone. I do wish Mina got a little bit of crotch crushing, as I do love to see her lose, but oh well. I thing everyone sold this well, although again the ouch my balls thing was a little odd. There was some KOs a little eye rolling going one, but the camera never got close enough to let any enjoy that. The outfits were OK, I didn’t hate them, or love them. The best part of these outfits was that Galas’ bra and shirt was have quite the hard time containing her pendulous breasts, which was a wonderful thing to watch, especially with some of the camera angles we got. Overall, it was an enjoyable show, bit of a long intro and the balls thing are really my only complaints everything else was good.

Overall Score: 8.5/10