Review of The stolen bottle

Review of DefeatedThe stolen bottle (Officials and Spies) – 21 Mins

Tracy is a spy who has snuck into a home in search of a top secret chemical hidden somewhere in this room. Just as Tracy finds the bottle containing the chemical she’s caught red handed by rival spy Elizabeth. A brawl breaks out and the two spies scream at each other and fight hard to take each other down. The fists and feet fly as well as a few bearhugs and chokeholds, Elizabeth finally manages to KO Tracy. She leaves to get something to secure the defeated spy, but when she returns Tracy has awoken and left. Elizabeth is able to run after her chasing her back into the room. Another fight erupts and the power struggle is on again. This time it’s Elizabeth on the receiving end getting KO’d by Tracy. Elizabeth is so KO’d she’s become a ragdoll that Tracy can play with. Tracy mocks, slaps, punches and chokes Elizabeth while she’s unconscious. Elizabeth wakes up a while later finding a note left on her body, “I SCREWED YOU! TRY TO FIND OUT… BITCH!” Elizabeth finds the chemical missing, and no sigh of Tracy. She panics and begins tearing the room apart trying to find the missing chemical, when suddenly Tracy pops up from behind the sofa and smashes Elizabeth’s face into it. Once again the fight is on and again they fight back and forth for control. This time Elizabeth is able to take over and as soon as she get the chance begins to question Tracy on the whereabouts of the missing bottle. It doesn’t come easy, but soon Tracy is forced to spill the beans. Elizabeth KOs Tracy anyway, retrieves the stolen bottle and leaves Tracy unconscious on the couch.

More Defeated action and this one just basically just a brawl. These ladies are mainly throwing punches and kicks, with a little wrestling mixed in. It’s a back and forth battle, with a few KOs too. The crystal clear highlight of this one is right in the middle of the when Elizabeth gets KO’d then ragdolled, with some nice limp play and a nice ragdoll sleeper with twitching, which you know I loved and Elizabeth sold perfectly. Tracy is the one on the receiving end most of the video, even though the fighting is really back and forth. Tracy also sold very well. I like that we’re getting some new outfits from defeated, these outfits are still pretty sexy and help with the story as well. Speaking of story, the outfits and the new setting setup a nice simple story, which is also nice to see coming from defeated. So, a very cool vid which is pretty much a hard fought fist fight with a few KOs mixed and a nice expansion of what we can expect to see from defeated in the future.    

Overall Score: 9.5/10