Review of The Stalker

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Review of Dream FantasiesThe Stalker – 26 Mins

Charlotte and villain Tim Woodman are excellent in this chilling story of obsession. Creepy music and suspenseful direction enhances the mood of the scene. Charlotte tells her friend on the phone that she thinks her ex-boyfriend Tim has been following her. She’s unaware that Tim is in the house, listening to her. He stalks her through the house and spies on her as she freshens up in the bathroom. He soaks a cloth with lots of liquid and sneaks up on her. When he grabs her, she fights hard and manages to run. But he catches her and uses the cloth till she’s limp. He carries her through the house to the couch where he gropes her and pulls off her shirt. When Charlotte awakens, she is in just panties, tied to a chair. Tim enters and she tries to reason with him. She looks on in terror as he puts a small amount of liquid on a cloth and ties it to her face. Tim shows the semi-alert Charlotte some wedding dresses and talks about how excited he is about marrying her. Charlotte goes limp. She wakes up alone, frees herself from the chair and tries to sneak out. But Tim appears and uses the cloth again. About 4 minutes of great outtakes are included.

A nice sleepy limp play video here starring Charlotte Stokely, who was actually first introduced to me through some XCW videos. This video has a lengthy setup as Charlotte is shadowed around her house by her creepy stalker. Once the action kicks off we are treated to a slow KO with plenty of nice eyerolling. There’s a quick carry, followed by some limp play and stripping before Charlotte is topless and bond to a chair. We again treated to an awesome and really slow KO, while her stalker talks about their future plans together. Again lots of great eyerolling and it really takes a while for Charlotte to go all the way out. This is the high point in the video for me. To top things off there’s a near escape where Charlotte is obvious caught and KO’d again. There’s a nice mix of content with this one, chloroform KOs, the bondage, struggling, striping, limp play, near escape and all that eyerolling by the very sexy Charlotte. A very good sleepy video for just about any sleepy fetish fan.

Overall score: 9/10