Review of THE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume five

Review of Sleeperkid’s World THE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume five – 26 Mins

LiaIn this sequel to BIONIC SERENA (filmed 13 years ago!!!), agents Lia Labowe and Serena Voxx find themselves unconscious and trapped in a fighting room.  The ladies come to and immediately square off, enemies for longer than they can remember… when a voice suddenly pierces the air.  Turns out they’re both there to audition for Agency Snowflake… and they’re bionic powers have been jammed. The winner becomes a high-ranking agent, while the loser gets terminated.  The ladies smile, both preparing to do battle in order to make it into the notorious agency… and what follows is a KO-packed battle till the bitter end, including a finale that features the re-activation of their bionic limbs for a final and epic round! …in the end, the room fills with sleeping gas, putting both girls out… who are then forced to do battle with their bionic limbs re-activated.  Lia attacks with a brutal bionic punch that floors Serena, then traps her into a neck scissors that Serena returns in kind!   The two squeeze away, slowly rendering each other unconscious.  The voice of the agency’s leader enters again… and he decides to give BOTH ladies spots in the agency, as long as they’re willing to work together.  The two begrudgingly agree, and the agent’s master uses foot pressure points to knock them both out so they can be processed!!!

For those of us old folks that where there when BIONIC SERENA came out, seeing this vid has got to feel a little surreal. It’s been 13 since we saw these two do battle and now we kind of get it see it again, but updated, something you just never could have expected. The years have been great to both Serena and Lia, as the vid starts out with some quick highlight of them all those years ago and they still look just a good if not better than they did back then. But enough reminiscing, on to the match of today. As this series is known for, it gives us chunks of domination instead of constantly back and forth action. Serena is first up to get KO’d then the KOs just pile up from there. I’ve always been a big fan of Serena’s selling, it’s always got a little silliness to it and I just love that. Serena finally gets control after a double KO and does her best to quickly pile on some KOs of her own to try and even the score. Lia does a damn good job selling her KOs as well. Just when Serena ties the score is when we get the bionic twist in the match and really, it didn’t change much, there wasn’t bodies sailing across the mat room, or and real display of immense strength, it was just a set up for the double KO that led to the end of the video. Not saying it wasn’t still fun to watch, but I was kind of hoping for the bionic powers to do something crazy. So even though the bionic feature fell pretty flat, what definitely stood out was the amazing selling and talent pouring out of these two beautiful veterans and that’s the whole point of this vid.

Overall Score: 9/10