Review of The Snap Sequence

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Snap Sequence – 14 Mins

NyxonYou see the world through Agent Jacquelyn Velvets’ eyes as she and her cohort (played by SK) make their way to a house populated with Nyxon clones. Their mission is simple. Eliminate them all… with extreme prejudice! SK’s preferred method of elimination makes itself known from the start, as he grabs the first clone and snaps her neck with ease. She slumps to the ground as Jacquelyn checks her. You can almost hear her grinning as they make their way into the building, eliminating and hiding the remains of each clone… until a sudden twist awaits them in the bedroom: the ORIGINAL agent Nyxon, and she is a HARD one to take out. Jacquelyn and SK team up to make sure she stays down (with multiple neck snaps… just to make sure), taking time to celebrate their success as they dream of future promotions to come.

I don’t often cover too many of these neck snapping vids, but this one is was is a little special for me. First and foremost, this one stars Nyxon, not only is she, in my opinion, a legend in this business, but also she doesn’t visit Velvets/SKW too often, so it’s always special when she does. Next is her outfit, normally I am the first to complain about a body suit, but this one, on Nyxon, just seems to check all the right boxes for me, I also love her heels as well. I’ve also always liked the whole eyes open KO/death reaction and this is obviously filled with that. I like the way this was shot too, with Jacquelyn’s POV while SK does most of the dirty work. And lastly and thing that really made me want to review this one, about halfway through the Nyxon clones start to twitch after their neck snaps and the last one, the “real” Nyxon, not only twitches, but also comes back to life a number of times, which I found to be really fun and exciting. I never saw that happen in one of these next snap vids. There also some nice dragging and carrying scenes too. So put all that together and end up with this cool, fun and creative neck snap vid staring the legendary Nyxon.

Overall Score: 9/10