Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE SINS OF HER FATHER – 20 mins

We fade in on a hand reaching into frame and spiking a drink on a nightstand.  Moments later, the beautiful Sumiko enters the room, tired from a day of horseback riding.  She takes a sip of her water only to feel a sudden surge of pain wash over her stomach.  She cries out, stumbling to the ground, holding her belly in pain until it overwhelms her, causing her to black out.  She goes limp and we see a masked woman (Bambi Buttons) enter the scene.  She checks Sumiko’s eyes and limbs, removing her boots and dragging her out of the room. Moments later we’re in Bambi’s lair.  She drags Sumiko’s limp body to the center and wakes her up with a brutal belly claw.  Bambi then peppers Sumiko’s belly with punches, referring to her as a “Daddy’s girl” as the punishment continues.  She headbutts Sumiko and wall splashes her, going back to delivering more punches to her exposed belly button.  She tosses the stunned girl to the mats and stands on top of her, using her full weight to crush Sumiko’s abs.  She switches over to a mandible claw that turns Sumiko into a twitching, eyerolling mess.  She’s out cold and convulsing as Bambi removes her mask. She removes Sumiko’s shirt, revealing more flesh ripe for the pummeling.  She stretches Sumiko’s belly across a stool, slamming fists into her abs and digging a deep claw into her skin.  Smiling, Bambi pulls out a syringe filled with another serum designed to intensify pain and injects it into Sumiko’s belly. Bambi proceeds to go to town on Sumiko’s abs, slamming fists into it and striking with a steel blackjack, all while revealing her purpose.  Sumiko’s father has found himself owing a lot of money to a VERY bad group of people…and they hired Bambi to kidnap/torture her in order to get it back!  Bambi grabs a tazer and uses it on Sumiko’s belly until the pain causes another trip to Dreamland, following up with  hair pulling, a sudden PEDIGREE KO, some playful caressing of the abs/navel area, a straddle/belly claw combo, more belly punches, and a second pedigree KO that puts Sumiko down and out! The assassin turns Sumiko over and write’s “Daddy’s Girl” on her belly right before grabbing her phone to take some photo evidence for her employers.  Bambi decides to give Sumiko a rest, stepping over her belly as we slowly fade to black!

What an insane belly punishment vid this is. So, obviously the main point of the video is torturing Sumiko’s belly, which of course, you couldn’t pick too many better bellies then Sumiko’s. It also has a great set up, with the drugged drink, the belly pain KO and then our masked assailant showing up to drag Sumiko away. And I’ve got to say just how amazing Bambi looks, whoever is responsible for putting her in that outfit, I thank you. I also have to thank SK, for not missing out on some great angles of Bambi, start with her entrance and carrying on throughout the video. Then the main part of this mixes in some wresting KO techniques with plenty of belly punishment. The way the attacks are mixed up and constantly changing makes this one so much better the a lot of belly punishment vids that focus on two or three different attacks, while this one has at least a dozen, with a little bit of wrestling mixed in as I mentioned before. Of course Sumiko isn’t just a set of abs, she sells this one as great as she always does, even with a little bit of twitching and tongue protrusion, not a lot, just a bit, but it’s always welcomed. I also like to point out new or different reasons of someone taking a beating and this whole, “your daddy owe us money” thing is definitely one of the more unique reasons. I will say the Rick Flair shirt is too funny, but I was happy to see it go, so I could stop giggling at it like a little school girl and I love the picture taking at the end, that has got to be one of my favorite forms of humiliation. Overall, this was awesome, a very well done and entertaining belly punishment vid, which is something you don’t hear from me too often.

Overall Score: 9.9/10