Review of The Secret Plans

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Secret Plans – 12 mins

This fun custom video features Charlie and Mindy as secret agents who are trying to get access to some secret plans on a cell phone. Each knockout scene begins with one of the girls looking at the plans when the other sneaks up and knocks her out, taking the plans and leaving. Charlie gets knocked out by Mindy’s hand over mouth smother, head smash into the ring post, a reverse head scissors, and belly punches while Charlie’s trapped in the ropes. Mindy gets knocked out by Charlie’s sleeper hold, a black jack blow to the head, a foot choke, and a good old fashioned uppercut punch to the jaw. You’ll enjoy seeing these knockouts in action!

This is like a little twist added to the commonly seen sentry style vids. I think I was a great idea to add an object both agents wanted to keep from each other and it makes the sneaking up parts make more sense as they are distracted by the phone, which is better than if they were just starring into space. I’ve been loving Charlie since her debut pretty much, the cute and tiny girls always get a head start on my favorites list. And Mindy has been great for as long as I can remember. So to see them KO each other back and forth is an easy win/win. I can still feel Charlie getting more comfortable with her selling and is staring to get her own style. While Mindy has been locked in on her selling for a while now and it’s still great. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more skin from Mindy’s outfit, but Charlie’s is perfect. Overall it’s great sentry style KO fun and a job well done by all.

Overall Score: 9/10