Review of The Robot Spy

Review of DefeatedThe Robot Spy – 11 mins

Dee is talking to the camera, showing you her new outfit. Wow, she definitely looks so hot. The robot spy doesn’t think it in the same way. It sleeperholds her till she goes out and apply arm bars. It wakes her up, but with broken arms she can’t stand up. It sends her asleep again with another sleeperhold, applying her ankle locks, removing her heels and dress, leaving her topless. It wakes her again, and she can’t even move with all broken limbs. It sends her to sleep again, and start to hit her belly; another sleeperhold to assure her sleep, and a neck snap to assure to don’t get any revenge.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this is a really cool, creepy and brutal one. Poor Lady Dee is just hanging out talking about her dress and how good she thinks she looks, when she’s sneak attacked by a robot spy, with a really cool looking mask on. The robot KOs Dee several times, each time using a sleeperhold, but also stopping between KOs to break the limbs of Dee, leaving literally broken and helpless by then end. There’s some belly punching mixed in as well, after all her limbs are broken, the robot punches and grinds her fists into her belly, causing Dee to helplessly blow out air and flop around on the ground. One final sleeper and quick neck snap takes Dee out of her misery. I really like the cool mask, the broken limbs thing and of course the KOs. I would like to see some nice sound effects add in to the next one, which would really solidify the damage the robot is doing. Also if Valerie, or whoever gets to play the robot in the next one would talk really slow and robotic, that would really make this a little cooler and a little creepier, like Eden, from SKW, did that in a video once and it was awesome. But I love that Defeated keeps trying out new things and this is something I definitely would like to see more of.

Overall Score: 9/10