Review of The Return of Elizabeth Croft

Review of DefeatedThe Return of Elizabeth Croft – 36 mins

It looks like we are in store for another adventure with Elizabeth Croft, she’s back in front of the camera and she in quite the mood. She’s pissed off about losing the artifact she found last time and plans her revenge against the organization, saying they will learn not to mess with Elizabeth Croft! She then shows something else she has collected, a rare artifact, she says, this little toy has been so difficult to find, but doesn’t explain what it does just yet. She puts it back in her shorts’ pocket and says it time to find where the organization hides. That’s not going to be much of a problem, as just then, known agency spy, Stella, enters. Stella is surprised to stumble upon Elizabeth, but is not worried that the famous Croft is out to get her. “Elizabeth Croft… how unexpected.” She mocks “Have you come for another humiliation?” Elizabeth is taking none of it this time and just punches Stella in the face. Elizabeth gets to show off her true power and skill this time, completely dominating Stella with no trouble at all, KOing Stella several times, leaving her twitching and drooling on the floors before she finally sits on top of the defeated Stella and pulls that tiny item from her pocket. She now explains that this artifact has given her more power and skill, because it can make any of her desires come true. She then starts to fantasize about what she desires to with Stella next, but she so lost in her own fantasies that she doesn’t notice Stella is recovering and before she does notice, Stella knocks that artifact out of Elizabeth’s gasp, snatches it off the floor and quickly says “Elizabeth Croft loses all her skills” as she tosses the artifact away. With that Stella goes on the attack and Elizabeth is helpless to stop her. She really has instantly lost all her skills and has suddenly become no match Stella. In no time at all Stella has Elizabeth twitching and drooling with KOs to follow of course. After a thorough beating, Stella decides it time to really humiliate Elizabeth, she takes the artifact and says “I want Elizabeth Croft to become a submissive loser, who enjoys being dominated”. Next Stella says “smell your socks” and even though Elizabeth is saying no, her body disobeys her and does as commanded. Elizabeth pulls off her boot as starts to smell her socks, you can see the battle going on inside Elizabeth, doing exactly as commanded, but not wanting too. Stella then commands that she smell her other sock. Elizabeth still trying to resists does exactly as told, removing the other boot and beginning to sniff that sock. As much as she says no and trying to resist, it certainly seems like Elizabeth is really loving smelling her socks and being told what to do. Stella next tells Elizabeth to remove the sock, which Elizabeth does, pulling it off her foot and continuing to sniff it. And the other one, Stella commands, Elizabeth obeys. “Do you like it?” Stella asks, Elizabeth tries to say no, but can only utter “Y… Yes”. Why do you like it? Stella asks next. “Because I’m a loser…” Elizabeth replies, taking another deep whiff of her socks. Stella now takes off her own boots and peels of her socks, flinging them at Elizabeth before commanding her to lay down. “Smell my stinky feet”, Stella orders, Elizabeth doesn’t resist. Elizabeth takes deep breaths as she’s slowly smothered out. Once Elizabeth is out cold, Stella stands up, telling Elizabeth that the artifact is going with her. She laughs as she leave Elizabeth Croft once again, humiliated and defeated.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time the illustrious Elizabeth Croft is back in action and as you can expect, like all the other times, thing don’t go well for her again. This time though, it’s not a one sided show and that a great thing, as her nemesis this time is of course Stella. I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I’ve felt this way for a while, Stella and Elizabeth, for Defeated, is like Becca and Peyton for FWR, or Sumiko and Anne-Marie for SKW, they are the main attraction, the ultimate duo and when you see a video starring the #1 and #2 of the brand, you know that you’re going to be in for a great show. And man, there is no better example of that then this right here. This is Defeated at its best, this is the videos you really don’t want to miss. Elizabeth and Stella remind us that they are not just great jobbers, or great heels, but also great actresses, that they are both the total package and when given a role, any role, they can knock it out of the park and make it looks easy. Like, to start off we get that great confident Elizabeth, that we know and love, The Queen, Elizabeth, who can never be beaten and never has. She takes that confidence and dominates the first bit of this video. Stella of course being the amazing jobber that she is and selling OTT just perfectly. Of course things turn sour for poor Elizabeth, as we get a flip in the action that works just as well when the ultimate duo switch seats. But the real acting that we don’t get to see every day is the when the humiliation part begins and watching as Elizabeth really give us that inner struggle between hating being humiliated and loving it at the same time, all while Stella watches and of course literally and figuratively rubs it in Elizabeth’s face. It is quite the sight to behold. This vid nails it on so many levels and in so many ways, I am reminded just how good Defeated can be and just how good they should always be… ok, almost always. Defeated needs to live up to its own hype and make more high quality content like this on a more consistent basis.

Overall Score: 10/10