Review of The Red Viper

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Review of Crimini ItalianiThe Red Viper – 36 mins

The Red Viper, a cruel and sadist secret agent, one by one the agents of the Bad Girls Gang. The boss of the gang calls Maya to tell her that another Bad Girl come to a bad end, and this is a spite to their honor and their dominance of the city. So the Boss orders to avenge their fallen member by deleting Red Viper, that bitch with red hair that seems perfect to fuck and completely change the whole gang. Maya asks to rest a little bit before the mission. In the dream she easily eliminates her enemy, she punches her in the stomach, and she breaks her back with a bearhug and finishes her off with a rope choke. Maya wakes up and, excited by the dream, goes to Meryl’s house but when she arrives Meryl is relaxed and smoking a cigarette. Maya has got the gun on her but Meryl is absolutely insolent and cold in front her threats. In fact she easily disarms her in two hits, she kicks her in the stomach. Maya falls on her knees and when is going to faint, she realizes that the reality is really different than her dream. After the first violent fight, Maya is on the ground senseless and for The Red Viper is the perfect moment to show her skills of cold and resolute, she can’t wait to let her characteristic sign: a red viper drawn on the cheek of her victims with white crossed eyes.

I got another video review for you guys from Crimini Italiani, that Italian product that does a fair amount of over the top spy demise videos. This one stars a new but familiar face, Meryl, who recently made her debut at Defeated. Good to see her showing up in other Italian productions. This is a nice two for one video. It is in Italian, but the premise is easy enough to understand. A boss calls a hitwoman to take out Meryl. This hitwoman, Maya, decides to rest up before completing her mission. While asleep she dreams about her upcoming job. She dreams that she surprises and easily dominates Meryl, eventually taking her out. This part is all very well done. Meryl sells fantastically, it’s not super over the top, but there’s a nice beatdown and a long rope choke until Meryl’s demise. Lots of tongue protrusion and eye crossing during the choke and Meryl is left face down with her tongue out. I am someone how loves trash talk, but unfortunately I don’t speak Italian and Maya talks a ton, almost not stopping long enough to breathe. Since I can’t understand what she’s talking about, this just comes across a noise to me and is a bit distracting, although I can’t be mad at them for speaking in their native tongue. However, I do wish she didn’t talk quite so much. In the next scene is when Maya really attempts to take out Meryl. This as much differently than her dream as possible. Meryl is not only not afraid of her, she’s almost annoyed at her attempt to take her out. Meryl takes control quickly, then beats Maya down, she even uses a sleeper hold for a nice twitching KO. She follows that up with a rope choke, taking out Maya. Lots of very intense struggling from Maya, she’s really fighting for her life here and Meryl talks much less then Maya did. Even not speaking a word of Italian, I can tell Meryl is talking with so much confidence as opposed to how Maya was talking in her dream, which seemed almost frantic. Despite Maya’s struggles she fails to escape and meets her end. Meryl finishes her off by marking Maya with her trademark Red Viper and leaving her for Maya’s gang to find. Overall, my only true disappointment is not being able to understand Italian, I would have been happier to understand what they were saying other than having to guess. I love the spy demise thing, I love the outfits here, with heels, the beatdowns are well done, the strangles are great and a little over the top and I love the death stares when both spies get taken out. Definitely will be checking out the next video that figures more great over the top selling.

Overall Score: 9/10