Review of The Queen’s mouth gets her in trouble again

Review of Defeated The Queen’s mouth gets her in trouble again – 26 mins

The Queen Elizabeth seems to think that she has what it takes to take on our newest wrestler Ninel, who happens to have an impressive fighting history, which she kindly explains to Elizabeth and a clear and obvious fitness history that you can just tell by looking at her, but none of these can discourage The Queen from issuing her challenge for a wrestling match or clear her delusions of being able to beat Ninel. So, Ninel calmly accepts Elizabeth’s challenge and goes on to completely dominate Elizabeth. The Queen does give her all and fights hard against Ninel’s overwhelming strength and there’s even a moment here where Elizabeth is able to gain the advantage over Ninel, but the key word here is, moment, just as quickly as Elizabeth was able to gain some control, she lost it as Ninel is just too strong for Elizabeth. Ninel dominates from that point forward as it is soon clear that Elizabeth is exhausted and can’t really defend herself anymore. The Queen is humiliated with foot and breast smothers, submissions and wide variety of scissor holds. After quite a one sided contest, Elizabeth is final KO’d via foot smother. Ninel checks to make sure Elizabeth is out for good and heads off to do something better with her time.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and again it seems our lovely queen has decided to take on the powerful Ninel once more. This is a thing that I am not upset to see again and it’s just fitting for Elizabeth’s character, that she would shake off her last defeat, come up with some excuse as to what it happened and go after Ninel again, only to get completely overpowered, dominated and humiliated again. Now, I’m not sure if all these matches are supposed to run along the same storyline, but it’s funnier to me if it does, as Elizabeth’s “delusions of grandeur” grow bigger and bigger every day. This match does take on a different style that the others have, at least a little different. This time Ninel and Elizabeth jockey for dominance on the floor, rolling through different holds, which usual end up with Elizabeth in pain, but there was a moment where Elizabeth had control of Ninel, but just for a second before Ninel was able to overpower her again. First time seeing Ninel even look a bit concerned. Still ended with some humiliation, the foot licking kind, a true Defeated favorite. I don’t personally like the this much foot licking humiliation, as it did go on for just about the last 10 mins of the video, but I do love seeing The Queen take a beating. Elizabeth’s trip to Hungary has created some great vids, I didn’t even cover all of them, but I actually want to see Ninel and Elizabeth go at it some more, with Elizabeth losing of course. Maybe Ninel will make a trip to Italy and take down The Queen at home.

Overall Score: 9/10