Review of The Queen Won’t Stay Down

Review of DefeatedThe Queen Won’t Stay Down – 10 mins

The Queen Elizabeth has her boxing gloves on and is claiming to be the undisputed boxing champion and how she will destroy her upcoming opponent. Meryl enters just as happy and confident as can be, she tells Elizabeth that she wants this to be a first to 3 KOs boxing match. Elizabeth laughs and says “Sure, but I doubt you’ll even make it past the 1st round.” Meryl just smiles and gets ready for the match to start. The match begins and Elizabeth easily dominates Meryl knocking her out after only a few punches. Elizabeth counts Meryl out by picking up her feet and tapping on her soles for the 10 count. She then wakes Meryl up by tapping on her face. Elizabeth says, “That’s one. Are you sure you want more?” Meryl climbs back to her feet and says, “You got lucky PUNK! Bring it on!” Elizabeth totally dominates Meryl again, knocking out again. Elizabeth pins her and wakes her up again. “That’s two! Have you had enough now?” Elizabeth says laughing. Meryl stumbles back to her feet, she’s clearly not all there, but is ready to fight. The third round beings and Elizabeth is confident throwing her final punch, but just as Elizabeth throws the final blow, Meryl come to life, dodges the punch and lands a sudden uppercut of her own. Elizabeth goes down and out. Meryl can’t believe it, Meryl pins her and gets to about 7 before Elizabeth starts to wake up. “NO you’re not getting back up!” Meryl sits over her and punches her a couple of times until Elizabeth stops moving, then tries to pin her again. This time Elizabeth starts moving at 8. Meryl tries again and again, but Elizabeth keeps waking up. That is until Meryl sits on Elizabeth chest again and punches her over and over, well past Elizabeth reacting to the punches in any way. Meryl is so determined and frustrated she even raises Elizabeth’s head with one hand and punches her over and over with the other. Elizabeth makes no reactions at all, completely limp. Finally Meryl counts and finally she gets to 10. Meryl has final knocked out Elizabeth and won her first round. But she needs to win two more rounds, so she goes to wakes up the champ. But wait, Elizabeth is not waking up. Meryl, picks up Elizabeth’s head by her hair and says, “Looks like you didn’t make it past one round!” She’s than decides to take Elizabeth’s gloves and bra as trophies for her victory. Meryl poses more over her than leaves with her trophies, leaving the defeated former champion spread eagled and topless in the middle of the mats, twitching.

More Defeated action for you guys and this time The Queen Elizabeth and Meryl square off for some boxing action. This one starts off with The Queen again front and center dong her thing, calming to be the best there ever was. And mind you that’s still a good thing, Elizabeth is really good at cutting these kind of promos, I like seeing them, seeing her up close and listing to her rational on why she’s the greatest. Meryl interrupts and challenges The Queen to a three round boxing match. Things go exactly as Elizabeth expected, she KOs Meryl twice in no time, but surprise, Meryl gets one lucky punch in before she finished off my Elizabeth. And this is where the real fun starts for me. The Queen is no punk and just won’t say out. Meryl knows she’s supposed to win three rounds, but Elizabeth keeps waking up, until finally Meryl’s does so much damage Elizabeth won’t wake up at all. I thought that was an unexpected twist. I was though that maybe Meryl would win two rounds before The Queen battles back for the win, or maybe Meryl would win three rounds, but I didn’t expect Meryl to KO Elizabeth so bad that she couldn’t be woken up at all and Meryl just claims the win. I like the count outs are more like pins instead of normal boxing count outs, that’s just something different. And I like that there’s a little twitching after Elizabeth is out for good, as well as Meryl taking her top as a trophy. I do feel this one was a little short though. It would have been nice to see Meryl last a little longer between her KOs and therefor also getting more trash talking from The Queen. And Meryl could have done some more things to humiliate Elizabeth after knocking her out. I don’t have anything in mind, but humiliation is an easy subject to pick from, so anything would have probably worked for me. Overall though, I think this is another nice boxing video from Defeated, they keep trying new things and that’s what I love to see them doing the most, especially because so many things they try work out so well.

Overall Score: 9/10